About BP Bath + Spa


BP Bath + Spa is a shop dedicated to creating and providing natural and high quality bath and spa products. We are determined to provide safe, and healthy products.


Allison is the CEO of BP Bath + Spa. She created BP Bath + Spa to bring more affordable products into the self-care industry. Hoping to end the stigma that self-care is a luxury. 


The ‘BP’ in the business name originated from where we are located on the Bruce Peninsula. We created this small business to shine some light on local bath and body products. 

We hope that by creating these products that we have a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy.

A note from our founder:


"Self-care is a very important aspect of my life. I use all the products I create for my daughter, myself and my family as well. I’m always making sure I use the safest and healthiest ingredients. Keeping ingredient lists as simple as possible and using items straight from the pantry are very important to me. Combining these simple ingredients with essential oils has created relaxing, soothing and comforting products safe for everyone to use."

- Allison Chisholm


Owen Sound